Fast and safe Data acquisition with the expertise of Dronodat

75 percent Cost and time savings when using autonomous technologies

Use of our highest data quality, to get insightful information

Digital Terrain Model

A digital terrain model (DTM) provides a representation of the terrain or surface topography on bare earth.


It is a high quality image with high detail and resolution created by combining many smaller images.

3D Model

A 3d modeled map that is a digital representation of a property or construction site

Volumetric Analysis

Drones can estimate the weight of stacks of raw materials much better than humans can

3D Digital Twins

Digitizing indoor and outdoor spaces to create smart digital twins gives facility managers more control, increases efficiency, and enables the full potential of the facility to be realized.

2D Floor Plans

we replace the typical 2D floor plan with a highly accurate 2D digital floor plan using lidar technology

3D Rungänge

Create an interactive, easy-to-use 360° virtual tour with accurate measurements that can be shared among multiple contractors.


Matterport VT

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Matterport VT

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